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Industrial Access Controls, LLC (IAC) is a telemetry and safety solutions provider with focus and expertise in the materials handling equipment (MHE) sector.

At IAC, we understand the difficulties enterprises face with identifying, measuring, analyzing and improving how mobile assets within their plant or warehouse interface with user accountability, government compliance, enterprise systems (IoT) and overall effectiveness. We love to solve asset challenges such as:

  • Productivity Loss
  • Safety Issues
  • Cost Overruns
  • Damages
  • Compliance
  • Our strong industry experience and proven technology reflect in our solutions. Transparent business model, industry leading warranty and expert fleet consulting adds value to our solutions. Our cloud platform for your equipment, batteries, chargers and other powered assets allows you to leverage your investment. At IAC, we make Telematics work.

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    SPEEDSHIELD FleetOnline

    FleetOnline is your Fleet Management Solution.

    If you need to know your equipment is operating efficiently, serviced just-in-time and that your OSHA Logbooks are covered – you need FleetOnline. Don’t waste resources trying to locate equipment, fill out logbooks and read meters – Manage your Fleet Online now.

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    ADVANCED AssetPro 360

    Designed like a smart phone, built like a tank and installs in minutes. ADVANCED, a versatile telematics solution, quite different from what’s available in the market today. It is loaded with practical features to lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your forklift, GSE and construction equipment fleets.

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    FORKKAM Plus

    An excellent safety, productivity and damage-mitigation tool that equips the operator with “eagle eye” visibility from . . . Read more >>


    Increase Safety

    Gain the insight to make changes and instill a culture of safety and accountability within your material handling team.

    Improve Efficiency

    Comply with OSHA mandated safety checks by tracking and restricting team members if certification expires. If a safety audit is required, a checklist report can be accessed within minutes.

    Lower Costs

    Improve warehouse productivity all while lowering your costs to maintain your material handling equipment.

    Network Insight

    Monitor using our state of the art pre-start checklists, impact sensors, employee specific access cards, and 24/7 data monitoring.




    “Industrial Access Controls and their product, SpeedShield, are the next generation of EHS safety and OSHA compliance. Not only does the product monitor various OSHA regulations, it teaches the operators how to take careful precautions during operation. SpeedShield was so successful in decreasing our forklift critical impacts over the past 2 years, making impacts a rarity here at Dixie Consumer Products.”

    Jeff Tomaszewski - 2017 Best User Award WinnerLogistics Manager at Georgia Pacific/Dixie

    From installation to onsite training, Industrial Access Controls will equip your material handling equipment with the most state of the art telemetry technology to have complete vision of your fleet. Not only do they handling everything from installation, they have complete client support that works around the clock in case of questions, confusion or concerns.

    Mike ViscomiCrayola Plant and Facilities Industrial Equipment Coordinator
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