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FRED 2500 : Factory Transport Robot

Meet FRED 2500. FRED stands for Factory Repeating Enterprise Delivery. FRED is a platform AGV that transports product from point A to B and stops in between if you so choose. It is a robust, safe introduction into automation and future factories and affordable with any budget. FRED 2500 is not to replace humans, but is designed to do the monotonous, dangerous, and mundane tasks in the day to day operations of a factory or fulfillment center.


  • 500 lb. empty weight, 2500 lb. max payload, 52” x 34” x 11”
  • Up to .90” ground clearance for use on uneven floors
  • Magnetic tape guide-path navigation system ensures easy
    (one-day) setup and immediate use
  • Twin 100AH Power Pack for up to 9 hrs of use, standard (additional optional)
  • Safety laser scanners on front and back to prevent collisions
  • 2.1 mph max speed, making it safe to use around people
  • Directional safety blue lighting to indicate direction of travel
  • Bidirectional for operation flexibility

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