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AssetPro 360 Vital

Your forklift fleet, rented or owned, is a major source of profit center. Well maintained rental fleet means lower downtime and higher profit. VITAL – A cloud connected, GPS enabled multi input Hour Meter solution is designed just to help you take control for fleet management.


  • Choice of Cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Optional GPS for location tracking
  • Rental timers to track hours during rentals
  • 4 Hour Meter inputs
  • Programmable PM reminder via email or SMS
  • Save on fuel costs – shuts off engine if running idle
  • Simplified Installation (about 30 minutes)
  • Automated reports to help you make timely decisions
  • Simultaneous usage report to identify peak usage – Identify additional rental opportunities

Eliminate human Error – no more manual hour meter

    Our enterprise level cloud application can export Hour Meters via XML or web services to your business system such as SAP.
  • Brand agnostic design
  • Data transfer to your CMMS or ERP
  • IP67 Compliant
  • Support unique business models by tailoring the platform for specific device deployment and network usage models.
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